Hi, I am Clément.

I make gameplay experiences for players.





Level Designer (contract)

Duration: March 30th 2020 - Today

Studio Size: AA

Tasks Highlight:

Break First Games


Technical Game designer (internship + contract)

Duration: July 1st 2019 - March 20th 2020

Studio Size: Indie (Less than 10)

Tasks Highlight:

  • Game Design Documentation, game concept & research.

  • Gameplay scripting C# (Unity) for the Nintendo Switch.

  • Established with other programmers how gameplay features are implemented.

  • Explaining the complexity of a feature from an implementation point of view, to the project leader.



Lost Granddaughter

First Person Shooter (FPS) | Role Playing Game (RPG)

"Lost Granddaughter" is a 20 minutes long single-player level and side mission for the game, Dying Light.

Role: Level Designer

Developer(s): 1

Engine: Dying Light Developer Tools (Chrome engine 6)

Tasks Highlight:

  • Digital Maps

  • Mission Pacing

  • Scripting

  • Playtests & Iteration


Multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS)

"Lifts" is a multiplayer, 3vs3 capture the flag, level, for Unreal Tournament 3.

Tasks Highlight:

  • Digital Maps

  • BSP Blockout

  • Scripted event in Kismet

  • Playtest & Iteration

Role: Level Designer

Developer(s): 1

Engine: Unreal Developement Kit (UDK)

Code S-44

s44 (1).gif

Third Person Adventure Infiltration

"Code S-44" is a PC game where you play as a four-legged robotic spider who can walk on any surfaces and is looking for his friend S-12 in New Bot City.

Role: Lead Programmer, Level Designer, Creative Director

Developer(s): 7 full-time & 17 part-time

Tools: Unity, Jira, Confluence, Git

Tasks Highlight:

  • C# Gameplay Programming

  • Level Design the 4th level

  • Iteration, Playtests

  • Communicate with artists

  • Design Documentation

The Kid's Rat


Role Playing Game (RPG)

"The Kid's Rat" is a 15-minute long side quest for the game Divinity Original Sin 2.

Tasks Highlight:

  • Documentation

  • Digital Maps

  • Scripting

  • Level Art

Role: Quest Designer, Level Designer

Developer(s): 1

Tools: Divinity Engine 2 (Glasses)



Favourite Games

    -  Halo 3

    -  The Witcher 3

    -  The Outer Worlds

    -  Overwatch

    -  Zelda BOTW



Hello! My name is Clément, currently a Level Designer at Spiders in Paris, France.

My favorite games to play are Action RPG and Shooters.

Currently playing the Beta of Valorant.

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