The Witcher 2 : Felicia Cori

Level Designer, Quest Designer

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Development Info



Game: The Witcher 2

Genre: Third-Person Action RPG

Engine: RedKit (Red Engine)

Developer(s): 1

Size: 1 hour of gameplay

  • Landscaping

  • AI Encounters

  • Environment

  • Lighting

  • Playtest with community & Iteration

Quest Design Document

Level Design Document

The map


Level Summary

This is an hour-long quest for The Witcher 2, made using the RedKit Beta, where you play as Geralt going through an adventure with the student sorceress Felicia Cori.

The level takes place near Vergen, in the Pontar region, in a new location during The Witcher 2 story.

This level/quest goal is to create a deeper bond between Geralt and Felicia Cori, who unfortunately dies burnt alive right in front of Geralt in The Witcher 3 at the entrance of Novigrad.

Through the player's actions, Felicia will be able to pass her exam and become a sorceress and like Geralt even more, but dies in The Witcher 3, or fail her exam give up magic at Aretuza, but lives despising Geralt.

Level Progression

"A" Bomb Site

Design Goals

T Spawn

CT Spawn

Blue Base Right Corridor

Level Design

Design Overview

  • Make an Open Ended level supporting an non-linear quest.

  • The level respect the pre-existing world design near Vergen.

  • A living place, with day and night cycle, with AI NPC routines.

  • Make interesting AI enemies encounters, with game spaces.

  • Make a non-linear quest that could exist in The Witcher 2 and have realistic repercusion in The Witcher 3.

  • Respect the characters personality.

Overview Maps



2D Digital Map in Photoshop

High-Level Circulation

An early thing I did in photoshop...


What went right?

  • Gathered references from the web and personal references to have a concept.

  • Got very familiar with The Witcher saga, and quickly found a story opportunity to exploit.

  • Transforming "block out" areas into belivable space.

What went wrong?

  • Learning the RedKit was proven

What have I learned?

  • I learned to use the RedKit to make playable, non-linear gameplay content.

  • I learned landscaping and use terrain tools to make believable game spaces.