Level Designer

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Development Info


Game: Unreal Tournament 3

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Engine: Unreal Development Kit

Developer(s): 1

Game Mode: Capture The Flag 6 players

  • Research & UT3 and UT4 level design analysis

  • Concept & Documentation

  • BSP Blockout

  • Environment

  • Gameplay Flow

  • Lighting

  • Weapon & pickup placement


The documentation

The UDK project


Level Summary

"Lifts" is a multiplayer 3v3 "capture the flag" level for the first person shooter game, Unreal Tournament 3. It makes use of the elevator's velocity to give players a lot more paths choice to one destination.  Also, this level has some points giving players interesting lines of sights. It also includes a hidden puzzle that enables an easter egg.

Level Progression

Outdoor upper deck

Design Goals

Blue Base interior

Sniper Tower

Blue Base Right Corridor

Level Design

Design Overview

  • Create a fun capture the flag map for two teams of 3 players.

  • Integrate the elevator velocity mechanic to give player more path choice.

  • Design a map that allows players with different playstyles.

Balance & Symmetry:

Allowing the player to access different place with the elevators. Players can use an elevator to go where it leads, but they can also use the momentum of it to jump much higher.

Freedom of movement: 

Allowing the player to access different place with the elevators. Players can use an elevator to go where it leads, but they can also use the momentum of it to jump much higher. 

Overview Maps

Distribution & elevation (Top)

Distribution & elevation (Bottom)

Global Circulation

Lifts's circulation combined with a jump


Visual Language of the level - Communicate affordance and guide players

The lifts

Each lift is represented with the same setup showing an arrow made of a metal bar in the direction of a door.

The doors

Each door are represented with a door frame, and a pillar on top help see them further away from them.

The soda ads

To guide players toward a specific base, I used an ad for a soda, in front of their sniper tower.

The spawns and flags

Each base is highlighted with a light of their respective colour. To help players know what base they're inside since this is a symmetrical level, each base is identical.


The lifts - Elevating players

The lifts

The level feature 6 lifts that propusle the player upward. Each lift detects when the player is on it and enable a matinee for the lift's animation.

Lift's Kismet

The easter egg - Deepen the level's immersion

The easter egg

The player has to find 2 panels and enables them, then a third panel directly facing the easter egg.

Panel in the red base.

Fixing a destroyed panel

To enable a panel the player has to shoot a laser beam on it, then press the "e" key.

The last panel

I check if the first two panels are enabled to allow the player to interact with the third panel.

The reward

The easter egg features a big spaceship flying above the upper deck wrecking some metal sheet.

The space ship flying over the upper deck


What went right?

  • Designed playable space that allows players to express their own playstyle.

  • Balanced pickups around the level.

  • Transform a blockout level into a coherent theme.

What went wrong?

  • Place meshes without obstructing players paths proved to be a challenge in this level.

  • lack of playtester limiting the amount of playtests, and iteration.

What have I learned?

  • I learned that playtests are mandatory to allow more design iteration and make a better level.

  • Placing meshes change the feeling and can change the gameplay of the map, and should be carefully done in order to not distance the map from what it was designed for.