Break First Studio

Technical Game design internship

Tasks Highlight:

  • First professional experience as an intern.

  • Design Documentation.

  • Design research.

  • Gameplay scripting C#.

Role: Technical Game Designer Intern


Studio Size: Less than 10


Context: Summer 2019, 3 month internship at Break First Games


Platforme: Nintendo Switch


Engine: Unity


https _blogs-images.forbes.com_erikkain_

First Person Shooter (FPS) / Multiplayer

A Call of Duty: Black Ops III level for the various game modes of the game, such as CTF, Demolition, Escort, Team Death Match, etc.

Role: Level Designer

Developer(s): 1

Tools: Radiant, Illustrator

Time: 2 Months

Tasks Highlight:

  • Digital Maps

  • Documentation

  • Blockout

  • Playtests

  • Iteration