DOOM 4 Arena

Level Designer

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Development Info


Game: DOOM 4 / Titanfall


Genre: First-Person Shooter


Tools: Unreal Engine 4, Illustrator


Developer(s): 1


Map Type: DOOM 4 Arena


  • Research & DOOM 4/ Titanfall level design analysis

  • Concept & Documentation

  • BSP Blockout


The documentation

The Executable


Level Summary

This is an arena in the style of DOOM 4 with additional mechanics where the player can jump, climb ledges, wall-run & slide under obstacles (Similar to Titanfall). (Not playable, just constraints for this level design test.)

The player will enter the arena through a door, activate the arena, survive and finally call an elevator to exit the level.

Level Design

Design Overview


Open area with enemies coming into the level, with a scope similar to a DOOM 4 arena of medium to small size.
An arena that allows great mobility, with advantageous positions and pickups.

Encourage the use of the game's mechanics: 

A level with verticality to offer opportunities to use the mechanics of the core gameplay such as slide, climb and wall run mechanics. The player will be focused on the enemies around him and the level must help him to move without breaking his flow.

Node Maps - Level Structure

Maps - Level's distribution & Circulation

Blockout - Legend

Blockout - Areas, Slide Spots & Wall run spots