Metro Redux

Level Designer

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Development Info



Game: Metro 2033 Redux & Metro Last Light Redux


Genre: First-Person Shooter


Tools: Unreal Engine 4, Maya, Illustrator


Developer(s): 1


Map Type: Single player, linear narrative


  • Research & Metro Redux level design analysis

  • Concept & Documentation

  • BSP Blockout

Level Design Document

The Executable


Level Summary

I analysed Metro Redux and made a blockout level & single player mission that could be in a Metro Redux game.


In this mission, the player (Artyom) is sent by a mission giver to get proof that a group of bandits in the metro, are capturing taming mutants (Walker) for their cause. Artyom has to get a look for himself and report the situation to Miller (NPC).




Level Design

Design Goals

  • Design a level that could be inserted into a Metro Redux game (Metro 2033 & Metro Last Light)

  • Use tamed Watchers (mutant) alongside bandit (human) during the stealth sections, to make this section the most memorable moment of the level. Tell and show the story of this specific group of bandits through the environment.

  • Make a level composed of ~20% of the time spent is roaming and scavenging for resources where the player should feel oppressed. The other ~80% is spent during stealth sections, more open where the player should feel smart and sneaky.

  • This level is the continuity of a bigger narrative arc mission, the climax shouldn't be the highest for this whole chapter.

Design Overview

Nodes maps - Structuring the level's flow

Maps - Level's distribution and critical path

Walkthrough & Pacing

   1. Start - Small Room

>    The player begins inside a small room in the Metro of Moscow in between the Shabolovskaya station inhabited by bandits and the abandoned metro station of Leninsky Prospekt. The player explores and enters the metro itself.


   2. Exploring the metro & Mutants encounters PART I        

>    The player explore rooms, he can find a locker with loot inside and encounter mutants.


   3. Exploring the metro & Mutants encounters PART II

>     The player traverses the metro laterally by entering a metro crash that broke the barrier of the two metro line. The player encounters more mutants in this darker section.


   4. Bandits - First encounter

>    The player enters a small room with bandits and mutant in a cage. Then continues through a metro leading to the metro station.


   5. The metro station - Shabolovskaya station

>    The player has to sneak his way through the station, by neutralizing bandits and avoiding mutants cage on his way until he reaches a hole in the station leading outside. He can find a notebook note.


   6. Moscow wasteland

>    The player has to put on his gas mask on and is greeted with a view and two mutants.


   7. Warehouse

The player goes down the stairs and enters a big warehouse filled with bandits and mutants being trained. In this big stealth section, the player has to avoid enemies (or not) find an interrupter unlocking a small storage room.


   8. End - Ventilation shaft

>    The player has to enter the room, then the ventilation shaft leading to the next section.

Pacing curve and gameplay beats


Blue: Roaming section. Mutants encounters. Exploration.

Red: Stealth sections and intense encounter against humain bandits.