The Climb (VR)

Level Designer

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Development Info


Game: The Climb (VR)


Genre: Climbing, arcade, simulator


Tools: Unity


Developer(s): 1


Map Type: Climb a canyon


  • Research & The Climb level design analysis

  • New Feature Concept

  • Documentation

  • Blockout


Analysis & Documentation


Level Summary

This is a single player mission blockout, designed to be implemented in The Climb (VR).


The level has a new specific feature, which are fixable grips that the player can find in the level to reach new places.




New Feature

Design Goals

  • Don’t take control of the player’s camera, avoiding motion sickness.

  • Has to fit the game’s modern realistic setting and be believable.

  • Has to be intuitive to use, and don’t require the use of new controller input.

  • Make the player feel smart by allowing him to create his own path and think a new way.

  • An object to collect to use as an exploration tool, and also as an environmental storytelling tool.

  • Make the player feel that he is climbing by using tools.

Design Overview


The player can find some Fixable Grips in a level that he can later use to reach new path and shortcuts. The player can ‘snap’ a Fixable Grip in a specific spot, activate it, and then use it to climb using both of his hands on it. He can store up to 3 of those at a time on his belt.










Usage Steps

  • Positioning: The player while holding the object has to position it facing a small crack in the rock wall, then plant it inside with a certain force and velocity.

  • Unstable State: Then the Fixable Grip will be snapped inside the small cracks in an unusable and unstable state, but won’t fall when the player gets his hand off of it.

  • Stable State: To activate it the player has to press the red button on the back of the object to permanently fix it and put it in a stable state. Then the player can use it to climb.

Level Design

Design Goals

  • Utilize the new fixable grips feature.

  • Multiple paths for each main area.

  • The player should be able to see the current main objective regularly.

  • Reward player’s exploration with animals encounter.

Design Overview

Node map - Level Structure

Blockout - Walkthrough



Yellow Hexagon: Objective flag.